Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who is FAR, and who can get involved?

Anybody who wants to produce work that helps nurture tolerance around this issue is welcome to join FAR. There is no formal membership, if you do something around this issue with FAR, then you are part of FAR. People who want to make films simply have to submit a synopsis, treatment and a budget.

We have very real financial constraints at the moment, we have just over R100, 000 for five of the seven films, Don Edkins has just managed to raise the budget for two of the films that come from Cape Town. We have a commitment to license 6 x 24 mins from SABC - hopefully we will see the fee this side of 2008; we have produced 13 PSA's made by volunteers, with a little bit of cash from

The five films that are being made outside of Cape Town may be made on as little 25k cash; this is possible because of two things, a tremendous amount of volunteer work and we have reasonably established production houses behind all the films.

At present we are unable to financially support any more films, until we can raise commitment from the donors.

Claudia Rinke is heading up the efforts on this front and we can only remain hopeful that some donors see the worth of our work.
So yes, we are still entertaining proposals; help us turn the best ones into films.

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