Friday, June 6, 2008

A visual poetic contribution by Nonso A. Dike

Blessed greetings comrade FAR officials.

Plz kindly find attached within, a prophetic visual poetry for FAR humble initiative. This was an experimental pilot project produced early April of 2007 with John Njaga Demps, me and Samora Sekhukhune. I remember someone in the crew asking me why so much poesy on "Unity" amongst Africans + SA filmmakers. Alas! Now we know why.

Anyways, on behalf of my crew members, attached is my content (visual) donation/support to FAR beautiful initiative. May the blessed team feel free to use it as a PSA if they deem it fit.

Long live AFRICA...!
Long live FAR as a healing vehicle to us all...!!!

Meantime, Hallelujah Bless Up + oneness love to us all...!


Nonso A. Dike

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