Friday, June 6, 2008

UPDATE: SAfm interview tonight!

FAR was contacted today by SAfm producer Thamba Dlamini, on behalf of Eric Miyeni, and it has been arranged that FAR will be interviewed @ 19h30 tonight on the Eric M after dark show!

So listen to get the latest updates & happenings on what the passionate crew of Filmmakers Against Racism is covering across South Africa. More details will also be given about how you can donate, and what the funds are being used for!

Already the response has been amazing, donations are coming in, the public is becoming aware, positive things are being done by people with big African hearts. So catch the show, and feel a part of it.

Here was the email we received this afternoon –

I would like to propose an interview with one of the representatives from SA Filmmakers Against Racism / Xenophobia.

I am the Producer of an evening programme on SAfm, called Eric M After Dark hosted by Eric Miyeni.

Our show is about positive story we talk to people who are contributing positively to SA and other parts of this world. It would be our pleasure if someone can be available to do an interview with us today from 19:30-19:45pm just to give us and our listeners an insight about this wonderful initiative.

We are asking for this interview with a hope that it will send a strong message across to the perpetrators of this disgusting behaviour of xenophobic attacks that has put our country on the map for the wrong reasons.

I hope you will find this in order and your response in this regard will be highly appreciated


Themba Dlamini
SAfm: Producer / Eric M after

Like our earlier post received from Nonso Dike, with his visual poetic contribution, people are standing up and raising their voices. That is a good thing!

Be a part of it.

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