Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A 2nd synopsis: Sechaba Morojele plans his film


Duration: 24 minutes

Basically I want to try and understand xenophobia and where it came from, showing;

It’s prevalence across all classes within “black” south Africa and trying to find reason for this: Is it due to being “boxed” up as a nation for so long? Is it because black South Africans feel better than the rest of Africa because of our so called western infrastructure?

The media’s role in promoting xenophobia and its (alleged catalytic) affect on the current attacks. Recently there have been complaints about this sent to the media ombudsman. How black foreigners being employed over locals at restaurants, in corporate south Africa, etc being a cause of certain frustrations.

Government’s role in fuelling deep distrust in the poor black communities for lack of or poor service delivery and poor economic policies. One will touch on why ANC (through an “elite compromise”) had to agree on a neo liberalism market fundamentalism economic policy as a prerequisite to end apartheid and how this policy was inherently bias against the second economies of the country. This inclusion is important to try and understand whether poor service delivery is simply due to the ANC or whether they inherited a system that made delivery virtually impossible in the first few decades of this new democracy.

How corruption in the housing industry is a cause of great grievance (in Hillbrow Nigerian landlords rent accommodation to foreigners and corruption within the RDP houses has given priority to foreigners).

The effect of the poor monitoring of the influx of foreigners since 1994 and how this has sparked resentment in the locals who feel they have to fight with foreigners for basic resources.

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