Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A 7th synopsis: Asikhulume - Let's Talk

Provisional title: Asikhulume - Let's Talk
A film by: Richard Green and Associates and the Durban University Technicon

Running Time: 12 minutes

Beta SP
Zulu with English sub-titles

5-6 jazz musicians in their 70’s prepare for a concert. They have all returned from exile.

They discuss the current wave of xenophobia and killings. They tackle all the key issues as they dress and tinker with their instruments. Inter -cut with these images and voices are shots of the people who have been displaced and their homes that have been destroyed. Our jazz men remember the days in exile and how they were housed and fed and clothed and protected by other African nationals.

Finally they get onto the stage - the audience from around Africa. Sakhile Langa gives a welcoming speech and asks two youngster to read from the constitution with regards to foreigners.

The band begins to play, images of the collective audience.

A look at the irony of Mbeki’s leadership as the Renaissance President, the hope of all in Africa, and now at his end the collapse of “Renaissance”

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