Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A 3rd synopsis: Two Brothers

Two Brothers
Joao Ribeiro and his Mozambique Team

Duration: 24 minutes
Delivery: Post Production:

Summary Synopsis

Sulemangy Mussa, 28, plasterer, Mozambican, working in Singamo (Durban) has planned to run with his friend Abdul (another Mozambican). They agreed to escape after collecting some of their things in the houses. Because Abdul didn’t return in time, Mussa has gone to look for him and discover his house on flames. They run to the police station and return but was already late. Abdul was burned alive in his house.

Abdul was married with a South African woman who has decided to stay.

These two guys where friends for long and their family are friends too. Mussa is returning now to Nampula where he and Abdul came from. He will now inform the family about that.

We’ve got contacts for Mussa father who is now waiting for his arrival without knowing about Mussa. We couldn’t stop Abdul to go and apparently he is on his way to Nampula. Will arrive in 2-3 days there. This story can be followed in to directions (Nampula – Abdul and Mussa family) and in Durban with Mussa widow who is perfectly localized.

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