Monday, August 4, 2008

martine and thandeka

A film about 2 women one woman from the Congo – Martine and the other woman Thandeka from Zimbabwe. Martine has 2 children she fled the Congo during the war, in south Africa she was living with family and when the Zenophobia attacks took place ( her brother was beaten badly) her and her family fled to a police station and whilst at that police station there was an attempted rape on her 15year old daughter, eventually they ended up at Tifle Range refugee camp were she has no ideas what her fate is. Thandeka is from Zimbabwe and she married a south African man and has two children. During the time of the attacks Thandeka got caught up in the furore and ended up at a police station, later to be sent to Riffle range refugee camp. When she goes to visit her husband for the first time it is clear that the husband is no longer interested in Thandeka and Thandeka is left wondering whether to go back to Zimbabwe or stay in South Africa. This film explores the vulnerability of women during very trying times.

Caroline Carew - producer
Xoliswa Sithole - director
Natalie Haarhoff - camera
Lebo Mawasha - sound

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