Thursday, July 17, 2008

Affectionately known as Alex


Affectionately known as Alex is a verite snap-shot of life in Alex in the preceding months
leading up to the outbreak of xenophobic labelled violence in May 2008, ending up with a graphic description of the chaos and consequences of the tragic events which then spread like wildfire across the country.

The violence has now died down, and it is easy to abhor the actions against foreigners, and nothing can excuse it, but was this violence a cause or a result of a community put under severe pressure by poverty, lack of resources and frustration at corrupt officials who “are around to collect votes but disappear shortly after they are elected”?

First time filmmaker Danny Turken captures the rising tensions in Alex in the first half of 2008, giving the viewer some indication of the complex motivations of Alex residents who have nowhere else to turn in the face of a national government that seems to have forgotten they exist.

The film does not provide all the answers, but instead will leave the viewer asking questions about the responsibility of a nation to its most venerable citizens.

Language: Zulu ,Xhosa & English(with sub-titles)
Running Time: 24’
Director: Danny Turken
Producers: Neil Brandt & Khalid Shamis
Exec Producer: Joyti Misrty
Editor: Danny Turken & Khalid Shamis
Produced by: Luna Films
In association with: University of the Witwatersrand & NYU
Music: Ambient Sound

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