Friday, May 30, 2008

Two updates on the run

Today's news from filmmaker and producer ZIVIA DESAI KUIPER of Uhuru Productions and the Tri Continental Film Festival.

"Things are bad at Soetwater Camp and I am trying to get permission for filming there – 3,000 people right on the sea front who are getting very angry as their wet blankets cannot get dried as well as many other issues. Going there tomorrow to assess the situation."

More about filmmaker XOLISWA SITHOLE:

" I grew up in Zim from age 3 until I was 20 years old, and boy oh boy did the Zimbawean people take in my family. As a result, I am very much a Zimbawean."

Xoliswa has been trying to tell the story of a community that protected 3 women from attack. However, there have been problems:

" I am in shit, the woman from Zim whose child died ( 4 months due to exposure last week) they have now refused to be filmed and I met a woman who was raped as well and now she does not want to do this!!!!!! I am going mad, I was to start filming tomorrow."

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